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A Few Words About Us

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American Concepts 3D

Developing new solutions to current problems is our passion and, incidentally, how we got started. Turning a couple of ideas and patents into reality for specific parts in the oil and gas realm was the first task for our team. Our goal is to offer the personal and detailed service that project required to each customer, always. Our technology allows us to create new parts, re-work current parts through reverse engineering, or replicate obsolete parts. Our experience enables us to assist you with all aspects of your project development needs from idea to creation and even small batch manufacturing.
Our Professionals

Meet the Team

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John Doe

General Manager


Marta Smith

Graphic Designer


Sam Brown

Print Supervisor

American Craftsmanship


Fused Deposition Modeling builds objects from the bottom up, layer-by-layer by heating and extracting thermoplastic filament. We can accommodate a build up to 12 cubic feet (2x2x3) on our FDM printers and materials include Onyx, ABS, TPU, PLA.


Stereolithography uses light instead of heat to convert photosensitive liquid into 3D solid plastics using s low-power laser and photopolymerization


Multi-Jet Fusion by HP uses PA12 material delivering a strong and functional 3D printed part. Each molten layer is printed one on top of another, allowing the layers to fuse. Great for functional prototyping!