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3D Printing

Also called additive manufacturing, 3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional object layer upon layer using a computer created design.

3D Scanning

Capturing shapes, 3D scanners are used to create a digital, mesh 3D image of an object. The scan is then used to reverse engineer the object using CAD. Our scanners have a scan to CAD accuracy of 0.05 to .01 mm.

Reverse Engineering

The process of capturing the technological characteristics and structure of an object in order to improve, supplement or recreate the object.

Functional Prototyping

Most often used in product development, a functional prototype is a sample of a product made to test a concept or to be used as a visual representation in order to obtain knowledge, replicate, and improve.

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3D Print Options

The price of your 3D print is determined using several factors, including the existence of a STL file for the object you want printed. Other factors include:

Lead Time

Standard lead time is 2-15 business days. Shorter time frames may increase your cost.


Basic Plan
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  • Standard Package with a Basic Plan
  • Standard Package with a Basic Plan


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  • Professional Package with a Best Choice
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Unlimited features
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  • Advanced Package with Unlimited features
  • Advanced Package with Unlimited features


Fused Deposition Modeling builds objects from the bottom up, layer-by-layer by heating and extracting thermoplastic filament. We can accommodate a build up to 12 cubic feet (2x2x3) on our FDM printers and materials include Onyx, ABS, TPU, PLA.


Stereolithography uses light instead of heat to convert photosensitive liquid into 3D solid plastics using s low-power laser and photopolymerization


Multi-Jet Fusion by HP uses PA12 material delivering a strong and functional 3D printed part. Each molten layer is printed one on top of another, allowing the layers to fuse. Great for functional prototyping!